Unlikely Heroes [Blu-Ray]

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Sabine (Esther Gemsch, High Street) is experiencing a mid-life crisis. Her husband of many years has recently left her, her children are going away on vacation, her friends have abandoned her, work life is unfulfilling, and she’ll be alone for the holidays. Sabine is just plain lonely. Volunteer work may be just what she needs to pull her out of her slump. Offering her time at the local immigration detention center teaching immigrants to speak German, Sabine soon inhabits the director’s chair in a theater activities class where the center’s residents will stage a multi-national version of the William Tell tale. Sabine will find her life changed for the better as she’s able to make a positive difference in the lives of those she’s come to love and respect. Unlikely Heroes, a film co-written and directed by Peter Luigi (Boys Are Us, Vitus), stars Esther Gemsch (Leo Sonnyboy, Tell), Komi Mizarjim Togbonou (Speed Racer, A Good Boy), Karim Rahoma (Taximdermia, The Good Guy) and Elvis Clausen (Coming In).