Splatter: Architects Of Fear (DVD)

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Disclaimer: Splatter: Architects of Fear, originally Shot On Video, is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video.

An informative and entertaining “peek behind the curtain,” Splatter: Architects of Fear is a documentary that gives both the genre fan and the casual viewer alike a bird’s eye view of special effects and make-up wizards at work.

Splatter: Architects of Fear offers that rare opportunity to witness a film as it’s being shot - in this case battling zombies, mutants and amazon women - as well as a chance to see the action on the other side of the camera by watching the talented craftsmen do what they do best to make audiences jump in their seats.

Slasher // Video presents Splatter: Architects of Fear, directed by Peter Rowe, produced by Don McMillan, photographed by Robert Bergman with George Niblett and William J. Smith serving as executive producers.

1. Audio Commentary with Producer Bill Smith, Cannibal Cam, and Jesus Terán of Slasher // Video
2. Q and A with Producer Bill Smith
3. Film Review By Paul Zamarelli of VHSCollector.com
4. Photo Gallery
5. Splatter Architects of Fear Trailer