Boardinghouse (DVD)

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Disclaimer: BoardingHouse, originally Shot On Video, is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video.

The Hoffman house has what one would call a “haunted history.” Shuttered after a series of mysterious deaths in the early 1970’s, ten years later Jim Royce (John Wintergate, Terror on Tour), a relative and clairvoyant, has reopened his inheritance as a boarding house for young women. But beware … the dark forces are not to be trifled with. Murder and mayhem soon return and no one, and we mean NO ONE, is safe. Slasher // Video presents Boardinghouse, directed by and starring John Wintergate (Terror on Tour) and co-starring Alexandra Day (Double Heat), Joel Riordan (A Prize of Gold), and Brian Bruderlin (Venice Beach).

1. BoardingHouse Theatrical Cut (TRT 1hr 38min)
2. BoardingHouse Director’s Cut (TRT 2hr 30min)
3. Audio Commentary with Director and Star John Wintergate, Actress Kalassu, and Jesus Terán of Slasher // Video
4. Q and A with John Wintergate, Kalassu, and Jesus Terán
5. Original Film Intro
6. Alternate Ending
7. 2008 Interview with John and Kalassu
8. BoardingHouse Photo Gallery
9. Lightstorm Photo Gallery
10. 33 1/3, Teeth - Magazine Interviews
11. "The Phantom" Demo Reel
12. Behind The Scenes / Making The Videos
13. Love Starved (Music Video)
14. Stop Fooling Around (Music Video)
15. The Raven / Break It Off (Music Video)
16. Teeth AKA Lightstorm (Live In Europe-1981)
17. Break It Off (Live)
18. Terror On Tour Revisited
19. Rare Trailers, TV Spots, and Voice-overs
20. BoardingHouse Original Trailer

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