Death Nurse 2 (DVD)

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Disclaimer: Death Nurse II, originally Shot On Video, is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video.

The Hippocratic Oath is clearly not required reading at the Shady Palms Clinic run by Nurse Mortley (Priscilla Alden, Death Nurse) and her brother, Dr. Gordon Mortley (Albert Eskinazy, Death Nurse, Cemetery Sisters) in this sequel to the horror film Death Nurse.

The patient survival rate is nil as the body count rises thanks to Nurse Motley, the Florence Nightingale of the cemetery set. At turns shocking and terrifying, yet filled with grim humor, Death Nurse 2 gives fans of horror films more than they could ask of the genre.

Slasher // Video presents Death Nurse 2 directed by Nick Millard (Death Nurse, Cemetery Sisters) and starring Priscilla Alden (Death Nurse 2), Albert Eskinazi (Death Nurse 2, Cemetery Sisters) and George ‘Buck’ Flower (The Fog, They Live).

1. Audio Commentary with Director Nick Millard, Producer Irmi Millard, and Jesus Terán of Slasher // Video
2. Nick and Irmi On Death Nurse II
3. Audio Commentary with Jesus Terán of Slasher // Video and Jason Duron of Severin Films
4. Production Outtakes
5. Brownie Goes Shopping (Short Film)
6. Photo Gallery
7. Death Nurse Trailer
8. Death Nurse II Trailer