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What if your DNA could forecast your future? Would you want to know? Bio-tech company Life Tracker Limited has announced it has the capability to not only analyze a person’s DNA, but by doing so, predict their future.

This revelation piques the interest of amateur documentary filmmaker Dillon Smith (Barry Finnegan, Forever Midnight, Blackout), who sees this discovery as the ideal subject for his next film. Getting the “man on the street” perspective, along with feedback from his friend Scott (Matt Dallas, Ghost of Goodnight Lane, TV’s Kyle XY) and Scott’s girlfriend Bell (Rebecca Marshall, Saw 3D:The Final Chapter), he’ll be able to fully flesh out the subject matter.

But how much information is too much information? And how much information are Life Tracker Limited and the U.S. government willing to release to people about their futures? This will prove to be the dramatic crux of Life Tracker, as it explores that very question and more, packaging a philosophical debate within an exciting Sci-Fi thriller.

Life Tracker is written and directed by Joe McClean (How To Make A David Lynch Film).

SPECIAL FEATURES: Earthquake Behind the Scenes Life Tracker Behind the Scenes Montage Making Life Tracker Featurette Shooting in a Disaster Area Featurette Would You Want to Know - Featurette Long Trailer Short Trailer