Honour (DVD)

  • Director(s):Shan Khan
  • Actors:Paddy Considine, Aiysha Hart
  • Rated:NR (Not Rated)
  • Languages:English
  • Regional Code:Region 1
  • Screen:1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Length:104 mins
  • Year Filmed:2014
  • SKU:108M-001
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Mona (Aiysha Hart), a beautiful young Pakistani woman becomes trapped between love and traditional family values. After her family forbids her from seeing the man she loves, Tanvir, Mona must make the decision to either remain loyal to her family or to the man she loves. Following her heart and disobeying her family, Mona quickly finds herself on the run from a bounty hunter (Paddy Considine, The Bourne Ultimatum) hired by her mother and two brothers, Kasim and Adel. Her compromised future creates a thrilling narrative that reveals the frightening truths behind “honour” killings, as her brothers and the gun-for-hire hunt her down under the instruction of the one who raised her.